What Is a Teaser In Sports Betting?

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What Is a Teaser In Sports Betting?

A teaser is a special bet that allows you to adjust the point spread or total in your favor. For example, let’s say you want to bet on the New England Patriots to beat the Miami Dolphins. Normally, the Patriots would be favored by 7 points. But with a teaser, you could adjust the line to make the Patriots only 4-point favorites.

This gives you a better chance of winning your bet but also means you have to risk more money. Teasers are usually offered in football and basketball games but can also be found in other sports.

Different Types Of Teasers

Single-Game Teasers: Usually used when there is a clear favorite in the game, and you are reasonably confident they will win. The aim is to get better odds than you would by betting on the game outright. For example, if the Patriots are heavily favored to beat the Jets, you might get better odds by placing a teaser bet on them.

Multi-Game Teasers: Commonly used when no clear favorite in the games involved. The aim here is to get better odds on all of the games included in the teaser rather than just on one of them. For example, if you were to place a bet on the Steelers to win their next game and the Bengals to lose their next game, you would be said to be placing a “two-team teaser” bet.

Determining The Better Value

Teasers can be an effective way to improve your chances of winning when betting on sports. However, it is important to remember that they are not without risk. If any of the games included in your teaser bet do not go as expected, you will lose your entire stake. It is important to carefully consider the games before placing a teaser bet.

In general, single-game teasers offer better value for money than multi-game teasers. This is because the odds of the individual games are usually more favorable than the odds of the multiple games. However, multi-game teasers can still be a good option if you are confident that the games will go as expected.

If you are new to sports betting or looking for a way to improve your chances of winning, a teaser bet may be worth considering. Just be sure to carefully consider the games involved before placing your bet.


To Summarize, teaser bets are an interesting way for sports bettors to increase their chances of winning without involving too much risk. By adjusting point spreads or totals in their favor, players can tilt the odds—albeit slightly—in their direction while still receiving decent payouts should they win their wagers.

Remember, regardless of how many points you add or subtract from either side, those teams must still cover those respective lines for your teaser bet to be successful.