What Is a Tackle In Soccer? How To Execute

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What Is a Tackle? 

A tackle in soccer is defined as an attempt by a player to gain possession of the ball from an opposing player using only their feet. A successful tackle will usually result in either the tackler gaining possession of the ball or forcing the other player to lose control of the ball, allowing another teammate to gain possession.

Types of Tackles 

There are many different types of tackles that can be used in soccer depending on your team’s strategy and situation. The most common type of tackle is a “slide tackle,” where a player slides into an opponent with one foot extended outwards to try and kick away or block their path with the ball. This type of tackle should always be done with caution as it can often result in fouls if performed incorrectly or aggressively.

Other types include “standing tackles,” which involve two players standing toe-to-toe while trying to gain control of the ball, and “body tackles,” which involve physical contact between two players while attempting to gain control of the ball. 

Poke Tackle

A poke tackle in soccer is a move used to stop the ball from moving forward. It is also used to disrupt the opponent’s dribble or to dislodge the ball from their feet. Poke tackles are usually made with the foot or leg extended in front of the player and are often done quickly and with force.

How To Perform a Legal Tackle In Soccer

Performing a legal tackle in soccer is a skill that must be mastered. Making sure that the opposing player does not get hurt should always be your first priority, and you must ensure that your tackle does not put their safety at risk.

It’s important to stay on your feet, place one foot between the ball and the opponent, approach from within body length of the player, wrap your arms around the player’s waist or upper thigh while keeping your feet planted on the ground.

Also, never initiate contact with an extended arm or leg; approaching opponents as if you have become one with them is often best. Always remember to keep an eye on the ball as well to adjust your speed accordingly.

Tips To Become a Better Tackler

Learn The Proper Technique: This includes keeping your body low, staying on your feet, and making contact with the ball first, not the player. You can practice this by working with a partner or coach and performing drills that simulate game situations.

Use Proper Body Positioning: When you’re in a game, pay attention to where the player with the ball is and position yourself accordingly. This will give you the best chance of making a successful tackle.

Be Patient: Don’t try to tackle the player as soon as they get the ball. Wait for them to make a move, then commit to the tackle. This will help you stay on your feet and avoid fouls.

Stay Focused: Don’t back out once you’ve committed to a tackle. Go in hard and try to win the ball back for your team.

Practice Regularly: The best way to get better at anything is to practice regularly, which also goes for tackling. If you can, set up drills or games with a friend where you can work on your tackling.


All soccer players should strive to perfect their tackling ability to become better overall players. Tackling correctly requires practice and patience – but mastering this skill can give you an advantage over other players who may not understand how important it is for success on the field.

Remember, timing and technique are key when tackling; if done correctly, this skill can help ensure victory for your team.