What Is A “Superflex” In Fantasy Football?

Fantasy Football


Are you considering joining a fantasy football league but unsure which type to choose? If so, you may have heard the term “Superflex” thrown around by other players. But what is a Superflex in fantasy football? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is A Superflex?

A Superflex is a type of scoring system that allows players to start two quarterbacks (QB) instead of one. Instead of having only one QB slot in your lineup, like in traditional fantasy football leagues, you get two slots with Superflex. This means that you can double your chances of getting points from your QBs each week.

It also adds another layer of strategy and complexity to the game as it forces you to decide which of your two QBs gives you the best chance for success.

Benefits Of Superflex Leagues

The main benefit that comes with playing in a Superflex league is that it adds more depth and variation to the game. Since QBs are the most important position in any fantasy team, having two QB slots allows for more opportunities for success throughout the season.

Also, since there are extra roster spots available on each team in a Superflex league (since teams now have two QB slots), owners can add extra depth to their rosters or pick up higher-value sleepers they wouldn’t normally be able to grab without taking up valuable roster spots elsewhere.

It also provides more flexibility when making trades or setting up your lineups each week. With two QB slots, owners can make moves like starting both their top QBs if they face weak matchups or sitting one if they have tougher opponents coming up. This creates more strategic opportunities than in traditional fantasy leagues, where owners are stuck with just one QB spot each week regardless of matchups or trades made during the season.

Why I Prefer These Leagues

I like this format because it allows for more strategic decision-making when choosing my lineup. They are more dynamic and exciting than traditional fantasy football leagues. With more quarterbacks on the field, there are more opportunities for big plays and upsets.

As a result, I often find myself more engaged in Superflex games, cheering on every touchdown, and feel invested in every play. If you’re looking for a more thrilling fantasy football experience, I recommend signing up for a Superflex league.