What Is a Smash In Tennis?

smash tennis


Have you ever seen a tennis player hit the ball so hard that it flies over the net, past their opponent, and out of bounds? That’s called a smash. In the game of tennis, a smash is an offensive shot that quickly ends the point by hitting the ball forcefully and with great speed.

Let’s look at what defines a smash, how to execute, and tips on defending one on defense.

What is a Smash? 

A smash in tennis can be described as an overhead shot where the player hits the ball with extreme force. The idea behind this shot is that it sends the ball past your opponent before they have time to react.

It can also surprise your opponent and put them off balance since they usually do not expect such power. Smashes are usually played when the player has plenty of space above the net, allowing them to hit the ball over with minimal effort. 

How to Execute a Smash 

Executing a successful smash requires good timing, accuracy, and strength. The first step is to make sure you have enough space between you and your opponent to hit the ball with maximum power without worrying about it going too far out of bounds or landing on your side of the court.

You should then move into position to swing your racket up and slightly behind your body for maximum power. Finally, keep your elbow in line with your shoulder for added stability when swinging at the ball. It’s important to remember that there are no shortcuts when executing a smash – practice makes perfect. 

How To Defend Against a Smash

Be Aware of When Your Opponent Will Likely Hit a Smash: If they are in a good position to hit the ball with their forehand, they may be more likely to try and hit a winner with a smash. Pay attention to their body language and any tells they might give before hitting the ball.

Need To Be In The Correct Position: You should be positioned close to the center of the court so you can move quickly to any part of the court. You must also be low to the ground to get under the ball and defend it.

You Need To React Quickly: Move your racket up, so it is in front of you and try to make contact with the ball as close to the strings as possible. This will help you control the direction of the ball and make it harder for your opponent to put away their shot.


To conclude, a smash is an aggressive shot played from close range that is struck with power and speed using an overhand motion. The main purpose of the smash is to end the rally quickly and put your opponent on the defensive. When performed correctly, it can be one of the most lethal weapons in your arsenal when playing the sport of tennis.