What Is a Scoop In Field Hockey? Includes Examples

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Have you ever watched a field hockey game and noticed players using their sticks to scoop the ball? This is called “scooping” and is an important skill for field hockey players. It’s a great way to control the ball, hold onto possession, and keep it away from opponents.

Let’s take a look at what scooping is and why it makes such a difference in field hockey.

What Is Scooping In Field Hockey? 

Scooping is when a player uses their stick to lift and accelerate the ball off the ground. It can be used as an offensive move to drive the ball upfield or as a defensive move to quickly regain possession of the ball.

Players must use quick reflexes, good timing, and precise stickwork to execute this move. The basic idea behind scooping is that lifting the ball slightly off the ground allows you to control its trajectory more easily. 

How To Execute A Scoop 

1. Make sure your stick is perpendicular to the ground with your hands close together on top of your grip, so you can control your stick while scooping. 

2. Quickly raise your stick in one motion while making contact with the bottom of the ball (the flat side) near its center of gravity. This will help ensure that your shot has power and accuracy. 

3. Aim for a low-to-high trajectory to maximize power and accuracy when shooting or passing. 

4. Keep your eyes focused on where to position the ball once it leaves your stick so that you can accurately aim your shot or pass.

When To Utilize

Scoops can be used for both passing and shooting. When passing, the player will typically scoop the ball to a teammate in a better position to score. When shooting, the player will scoop the ball toward the goal, hoping to beat the goalie.

They can be very effective when executed correctly but can also be dangerous. If the player misses the ball or doesn’t make contact near the ground, they may hit another player with their stick. This can result in a penalty or even a suspension from the game.


To summarize, scooping is an essential skill for any successful field hockey player. With plenty of practice, anyone can learn how to use this technique effectively—whether they’re looking for an offensive advantage or just trying to maintain possession of the ball long enough for their teammates to create an opportunity for them.

It may take time but once mastered, scooping can be a powerful weapon in any field hockey player’s arsenal.