What Is A Rally In Badminton? Simple Explanation

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What Is A Rally In Badminton?

In badminton, a rally is a series of shots that take place between two opposing players. It begins when one player serves and ends when a point is scored, or the shuttlecock hits the ground. During a single rally, each player will take turns hitting the shuttlecock back and forth until one scores a point or commits a fault. 

What Is The Goal Of A Rally?

The goal of a rally is to outplay your opponent using skillful shots and tactics. Several types of shots can be used during a rally. These include smashes, drives clears, drops, and lifts. Smashes are powerful shots that send the shuttlecock downwards toward your opponent’s court at high speed.

Drives are fast but low-powered shots that keep your opponent on their toes, while clears are higher-arcing shots that give you time to move into position for the next shot. Drops and lifts are more subtle shots used to surprise or confuse your opponent by changing the direction or height of the shuttlecock mid-rally.

How To Have A Successful Rally

You must think ahead about where to hit each shot and anticipate where your opponent will hit theirs so you can move into position quickly for each return shot. It’s also important to have good footwork to react quickly when necessary and have enough power in your arm for each shot you make.

The most important thing is to make sure to practice your shot as much as possible. The more time you spend honing your skills on the court, the better prepared you’ll be during actual rallies.


To summarize, a rally in badminton is when the players hit the shuttlecock back and forth until one player makes a mistake. The rallies can be very long, sometimes lasting over minutes. Both players need to have good stamina as well as excellent reflexes to win rallies.

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