What Is A Pick 6 In Football?

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What Is A Pick 6 In Football?

A pick 6 in football is a turnover that results in an interception returned for a touchdown. This can happen on any play from scrimmage, and it is one of the most exciting plays in football.

They are relatively rare, but they can swing the momentum of a game in a big way. They are often the result of great defensive plays, but sometimes they can be the result of a lucky break or a bad decision by the quarterback.

Which QB Has Thrown The Most Pick 6’s In NFL History?

That would be Packers Super Bowl-winning QB Brett Favre, with 31 throughout his career. The full list can be found here on Pro Football Reference.

Which DB Has The Most Pick 6’s In NFL History

Steelers Hall-of-Fame corner Rod Woodson made a total of 12 throughout his career. He is widely regarded for his outstanding ball skills and coverage.

How Can A QB Prevent Throwing A Pick 6?

Be Aware Of Where The Defenders Are On The Field: If a defender is in a position to make a play on the ball, the quarterback should avoid throwing it in their direction.

Make Sure The Receiver Is Open Before Throwing The Ball: If a defender well covers the receiver, there is a greater chance that the ball will be intercepted.

Throw The Ball Away If No One Is Open: It is better to throw the ball out of bounds than into a defender’s hands.

Put Some Touch on The Ball: If the ball is thrown too hard, it may be easier for a defender to intercept it.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings: If you are in your end zone, it is best not to take risks and throw the ball away if no one is open.

How Can Defenders Force More Picks 6’s?

Be Aware of The Quarterback’s Tendencies: If the defender knows that the quarterback likes to throw deep passes, he can position himself deeper on the field to be more likely to intercept one of these passes.

Disguise Their Coverage: If the quarterback thinks the defender will stay in zone coverage, he may be more likely to throw a deep pass into that area. However, if the defender disguised his coverage and then suddenly dropped back into man coverage, he would be in a better position to intercept the pass.

Have Good Ball Skills: Meaning catching the ball cleanly when thrown their way. If a defender can do this, he will be much more likely to intercept a pass and return it for a touchdown.


A Pick 6 in football is when a defensive player Intercepts a pass and returns It for a touchdown. This can be a game-changing play, as It can provide A team with six points, which can be the difference between winning and losing.

They are often considered one of the most exciting plays in football, as they are often highly empathetic and come down to pure athletic ability.