What Is a Mock Draft In Fantasy Football?

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What Is a Mock Draft? 

A mock draft is a practice exercise that allows fantasy players to get familiar with their league’s rules and prepare for their real draft. In a mock draft, participants will usually go through the motions of conducting an actual fantasy football draft, selecting players in order as if they were participating in an actual live league or auction.

The difference is that there are no stakes involved; no one wins or loses the mock draft. Instead, it’s just an opportunity to practice and prepare for the real thing. 

Why Should You Do Mock Drafts? 

Mock drafts are helpful because they allow fantasy players to get familiar with their league’s rules and strategies and test out different methods before committing to them during the actual drafts.

They also provide an invaluable opportunity to scout out which players other owners are targeting so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly on draft day.

For example, if you want to try drafting running backs first but have yet to have much success with that strategy, doing a few mock drafts can help you see if it would work better for your team this year. 

Best Drafting Strategies

Know Your League’s Scoring System: This may seem obvious, but knowing how your league scores points are important before you start drafting. That way, you can ensure you’re drafting players who will score the most points for your team.

Have a Plan Going Into The Draft: Know which positions you need to fill and which players you’re targeting. That way, you won’t be scrambling to fill holes in your team after the draft is over.

Don’t Reach For a Player: Just because you’re a big fan of a certain player doesn’t mean you should reach for them in the draft. Stick to your plan and only pick players who will help your team.

Pay Attention to Bye Weeks: When drafting players, it’s important to pay attention to their bye weeks. You don’t want to have too many players from the same team out at the same time, so make sure to spread your picks out evenly.

Take Advantage of Sleeper Picks: Sleeper picks are players who are usually undervalued in drafts. They’re often players who are coming off of an injury or a down year. If you can identify a few sleeper picks, you can get great value for your team.

Don’t Be Afraid To Trade: Trading is a big part of fantasy football. If you have extra depth at one position, you can use it to your advantage by trading for another player you need. Just make sure you’re getting fair value in return.


A mock draft is essential when preparing for your upcoming fantasy football season. They give participants valuable practice time with their league’s rules and strategies and provide invaluable scouting opportunities that can help craft winning game plans come draft day.

With these tips in mind, anyone can run successful mock drafts to help them become more prepared when it comes time for the real thing.