What Is a Left Wing Lock In Hockey?

left wing lock

What Is a Left Wing Lock?

As its name suggests, left-wing lock-in ice hockey is a strategy employed by teams to keep the puck on the left side of the rink. This is done by using the boards and other players to pin the puck against the left wall, allowing the team to maintain control and keep their opponents from getting possession.

How Is It Executed?

The left-wing lock gets its name from the fact that it involves two players on the left side of the ice, usually the left winger and the left defenceman. The left winger will stay close to the opposing team’s right winger, while the left defenceman takes away the middle of the ice. This leaves the opposition with less space to work with and makes it more difficult for them to score.

It can be effective against any type of offensive attack, but it is most commonly used against teams that like to keep the puck on one side of the ice. This includes teams with a strong left winger or who like to make passes across the middle of the ice.

Courtesy of The Hockey Think Tank YouTube channel

When To Use a Left Wing Lock

One of the most important skills for any hockey player is learning how to properly execute a left-wing lock. This move can be used offensively and defensively, making it a versatile tool in your arsenal. Here’s a look at when you should use a left-wing lock in hockey.

Offensively, it can be used to create space for yourself or your teammates. By locking your opponent’s stick on your left side, you can open up room to make a play. This can be especially useful when trying to enter the offensive zone with control of the puck.

Defensively, it can be used to slow down an opponent’s attack. Using your body and your stick to block their progress can give your teammates time to get back into position. This can be especially important when trying to protect a lead late in the game.

Stopping a Left Wing Lock

The best way to stop a left-wing lock is to change your offensive strategy. If you are a team that likes to keep the puck on one side of the ice, try to switch the play to the other side. This will force the defenders to adjust and give you more space to work with.

If you are a team that likes to make passes across the middle of the ice, try to attack down the boards instead. This will take away the time and space that the defencemen need to be effective.

Left-wing locks can be broken down by good offense, but they are still a very effective defensive strategy. If you are facing a team that is using a left-wing lock, be sure to adjust your offensive strategy accordingly.