What Is A Handball In Soccer?

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Have you ever wondered what a handball is in the game of soccer? There is a lot of confusion surrounding this particular rule, so I’m here to help clear things up. In this post, I’ll walk you through exactly what constitutes a handball in soccer and why it matters. 

What Is A Handball? 

A handball is when the ball comes into contact with a player’s hand or arm while playing the game. It can be deliberate or unintentional, but the referee will call it if they deem that the player has used their hands or arms to control or stop the ball from moving. This is especially true if the player is trying to gain an advantage by using their hands or arms to move the ball. 

When Is A Handball Not Allowed? 

The rule of thumb for a handball is that if any part of your body from your shoulder down touches the ball with your hand/arm, then it will be considered a foul, and you will receive a yellow card (or possibly even a red card).

If you use your arm/hand to block, control, or stop the ball from moving, it will likely be called a foul. Also, if you attempt to gain an advantage by using your hands/arms, this will be considered illegal play and could result in a penalty being given against your team.  

Why Are Handballs So Important in Soccer? 

Handballs are important in soccer because they help keep players honest during games. Without them, attackers would have more freedom to use their hands when trying to get past defenders or score goals, giving them an unfair advantage over those who abide by all rules on and off the field.

This also helps ensure fair play throughout competitive matches since any physicality isn’t tolerated in soccer (aside from minor contact). 

How To Avoid The Penalty

Don’t try to control the ball with your arm or hand – use your feet! This is probably the most important rule. If you use your arm or hand to stop the ball, it’s more likely to be called a handball. If you’re in the penalty area and handball the ball, it’s an automatic penalty kick. So, if you’re near your goal, be extra careful.