What Is a “Game-Time Decision” In Fantasy Football?

Fantasy Football

What is a Game-Time Decision?

A game-time decision refers to the last-minute changes that can be made to your fantasy roster when there’s uncertainty about one of your players (i.e., if he’s injured or has been benched). This doesn’t mean that you have to make any changes at all – it just means that you may have the option of making some last-minute adjustments depending on how things play out during the actual game.

For example, if one of your players gets injured during the first quarter, then you might be able to replace him with another player who becomes available after his team has already started playing.

How to Make Game-Time Decisions

Making game-time decisions requires quick thinking and plenty of research. There are several different strategies for making these types of decisions, but here are two popular methods:

1) Monitor Player News: Keep up with player news throughout the week leading up to the game so that you know which players may or may not be available for their games on Sunday. This strategy works best for those who want to stay ahead of any potential curveballs throughout the week.

2) Wait Until Kickoff: The second strategy is to wait until kick-off and see which players are actually active before committing to any substitutes. This strategy works best for those who prefer not to spend too much time researching player news throughout the week and instead prefer to make their decisions as close as possible to when they’re needed.

It’s also important to remember that game-time decisions aren’t just limited to injuries; they can also apply if one of your players is benched or otherwise unavailable due to personal reasons (e.g., family commitments).

Bottom Line

By monitoring player news or waiting until kickoff, you can get ahead of any potential curveballs and put yourself in a better position for success in your league by making last-minute adjustments when necessary. This is very important to remember if you want to win your fantasy football league.