What Is a Fullback In Football?

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What Is A Fullback In Football?

If you’ve ever watched a football game, chances are you’ve seen a fullback. But what exactly is a fullback? A fullback is an offensive position in American and Canadian football. They are usually positioned directly behind the quarterback, but they can also be used to perform multiple roles on the team.

Let’s look at what a fullback does and how they fit into the game’s overall strategy. 

What Does a Fullback Do? 

The main role of a fullback is to provide support for other players on offense, such as running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends. They typically line up just behind the quarterback but can be used in various formations depending on the team’s strategy.

The fullback is often used as a blocker for running plays or as an extra receiver in passing plays. Fullbacks are sometimes used as linebackers on defense to help stop the run or cover tight ends and wide receivers. 


Fullbacks can also run short-yardage plays like dives and sweeps when needed. To do this effectively, fullbacks need to have great balance and agility to cut quickly through holes created by their blockers while maintaining control over their body movements and maintaining possession of the ball.

They also need to be able to scan defenses, knowing where to go with the ball once they get it in their hands. In some cases, they will serve as special team players in certain situations, such as kickoffs or punts. This requires excellent blocking skills and the ability to anticipate what’s going on around you.

Are Fullbacks Still Important In Todays Game Of Football?

The answer is complicated, and it really depends on how you define a fullback role and how you think the game of football has changed. If we define the role of a fullback as a player who provides support to the defense and allows teams to attack down the flanks, then it is clear that fullbacks are still an important part of the game.

However, if we define the role of a fullback as a player who is responsible for stopping attacks down the flanks, then it is less clear. The game of football has changed a lot in recent years. Introducing new rules that have made it more of a passing league than it has been in the past. As a result, fullbacks have had to adapt their roles and become defensive.