What Is a Flak Jacket In American Football?

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What Is a Flak Jacket In Football?

A flak jacket is a protective piece of equipment worn by quarterbacks to help protect their ribs from impact. When a quarterback is hit hard, the force of the hit can cause serious injuries to their ribs. Wearing one helps to absorb some of that impact and protect the ribs from breakage.

How Does a Flak Jacket Work? 

The flak jacket comprises three distinct layers: an outer shell that helps absorb impact shock, a middle layer that provides additional cushioning for comfort, and an inner lining that helps wick away sweat and moisture from the body.

The combination of these three layers creates a lightweight but highly protective garment that allows players to move freely without compromising their safety or performance on the field. 

Why Do Players Wear Flak Jackets? 

In football, collisions are inevitable—and potentially dangerous. That’s why wearing a flak jacket is important for any player who wants to stay safe on the field.

It helps reduce the risk of serious injuries caused by high-impact collisions with other players or flying debris on the field by providing extra protection for vital organs like the heart, lungs, and kidneys. The snug fit ensures that it won’t interfere with movement or performance while providing maximum protection when needed.  

Do Other Positions Wear Them?

Yes, other positions do use the flak jacket besides the quarterback. These include running backs, tight ends, and wide receivers, as it helps protect them from hits to the ribs and chest.

Wearing one is optional for other positions but can benefit players susceptible to injuries in these areas. Ultimately, it is up to the player to decide whether or not they want to wear one.