What Is A Fire Sale In Fantasy Football?

fire sale

What Is A Fire Sale In Fantasy Football?

A fire sale is when a fantasy football dynasty team owner decides to sell off all of their players and assets with the intention of rebuilding their team. This means that they will be trading away some of their best players for future draft picks and players who are considered expendable.

It’s usually done out of necessity; a team may struggle because they lack depth at certain positions or have too many aging veterans on their roster. No matter the reason, a fire sale can give a team a fresh start and an opportunity to rebuild from the ground up. 

What Is The Goal of A Fire Sale?

The goal of a fire sale is to acquire as much future value as possible. Future value could mean draft picks, young players with high ceilings, or even tradeable assets that could bring back more in return down the line. Owners need to remember that there’s no guarantee that any trade will work out in their favor, but if it does, it can be an extremely rewarding experience. 

Things To Remember

1. Remain patient and do not rush into any decisions. They should take time to evaluate all potential offers before committing. 

2. Avoid getting caught up in bidding wars and make sure that any deals they make are fair and beneficial for both teams involved. 

3. Owners should remember that if they don’t get what they want right away, there may be other opportunities later on down the road where they can try again to get what they want. 


Fire sales are an exciting way for fantasy football dynasty league owners to completely rebuild their teams from scratch and get back into contention quickly. However, it requires patience and careful planning to work out successfully.

Owners should take care when evaluating potential offers and ensure that whatever deal is made benefits both teams involved long-term — not just one side or the other.