What Is A Drop Shot In Badminton? How To Execute


What Is A Drop Shot?

A drop shot is a shot in badminton that is hit gently and lands just over the net. The primary purpose of a drop shot is to make it difficult for your opponent to reach the shuttlecock, forcing them to move backward or sideways, which allows you to take control of the rally.

There are two main types of drop shots: the underhand and the overhead drop shot. The underhand drop shot is often used as a surprise attack, while the overhead is used when your opponent is out of position.

How To Execute A Drop Shot

A drop shot in badminton is a stroke that hits the shuttlecock just over the net and then drops down sharply. It is used to catch your opponent off guard and can be very effective if executed properly.

Here are some tips on how to hit a successful drop shot:

1. First, you need to have good control of the shuttlecock. This means keeping it low and stable in your hitting hand.

2. Next, position yourself at the back of the court, giving you plenty of space to execute the shot.

3. When ready, swing your racket up and forward smoothly, making contact with the shuttlecock above the net.

4. Put some spin on the shuttlecock by hitting it slightly off-center with your racket, which will make it rotate quickly and drop sharply.

5. Finally, follow through with your swing so you end up in a low-ready position. This will help you get back to the front of the court quickly if your opponent manages to return the shot.

A drop shot can effectively win a rally but can also be risky. You may give your opponent an easy point if you don’t have the right skills and technique. You also need to be careful not to overuse it, as your opponent will eventually learn to anticipate it and will be able to counter it effectively.

How To Practice My Drop Shot In Badminton

If you’re having trouble nailing your drop shot in badminton, don’t worry – you can practice and perfect this move with dedication and effort. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your drop shot practice sessions:

1. Use a Backboard: A backboard will help you accurately and consistently aim your shots. Simply set up the backboard at the desired height (usually just above waist level) and start hitting the shuttlecock into it. Aim for different parts of the backboard to work on your precision.

2. Vary Your Speed and Spin: As you become more comfortable with hitting drop shots, start varying the speed and spin of your shots. This will keep your opponents guessing and make it more difficult for them to anticipate your next move.

3. Use a Practice Partner: Having someone to hit with will make practice more fun and help you fine-tune your technique. Try to find a practice partner of a similar skill level so that you can rally back and forth and work on your accuracy.

4. Play Point-Based Games: Set up point-based games with your practice partner or opponents to challenge yourself. This will force you to be more strategic with your shots and help you learn how to best use them in game situations.

5. Be Patient: Keep practicing; eventually, you’ll start seeing results. Learning any new skill takes time and patience, so don’t get discouraged if your drop shots aren’t perfect immediately.


Drop shots are an essential part of badminton and can be used in both singles and doubles. When executed correctly, they can be a powerful weapon in your arsenal. With practice and skill, you’ll be able to master the drop shot and use it to your advantage on the court.