What Is a Double Team In American Football?

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What Is a Double Team In Football?

In American football, a double team is when two offensive players block a single defensive player. This is usually done to protect the quarterback or running back from getting tackled. Double teams can also be used on special teams, like when two players block a punt returner.

Why Might a Defense Use a Double Team?

One reason to use a double team is to provide more support to a particular player on the field. This might be done if a player is particularly talented or skilled and the team wants to ensure they have every opportunity to succeed.

It can also help to protect a player from being hit too hard by the opposing team. This can be important in keeping players healthy and on the field throughout the course of a game or season. It can also be an effective way to confuse and disrupt the opposing team’s offense, making it more difficult for them to score points.

When Should a Coach Use a Double Team?

Coaches must carefully consider when to use a double team. Generally speaking, it should only be used when absolutely necessary, such as when the quarterback is under heavy pressure or the running back is about to be tackled for a loss. Otherwise, it is best to let each player handle his own assignment and trust that they will be able to execute their responsibilities.

How Does a Defensive Lineman Overcome a Double Team?

Overcoming a double team in American football as a defensive lineman requires quick thinking and decisiveness. When two offensive linemen are blocking a defensive lineman, they are said to be “double teaming” him. This is usually done in an effort to keep the defensive lineman from getting to the quarterback or ball carrier.