What Is A Depth Chart In Fantasy Football?

Calvin Johnson


If you’re new to fantasy football, you may have heard the term “depth chart” thrown around and wondered what it means. A depth chart is an important tool for fantasy football players, as it helps them decide which players to draft, start, and when to make trades.

Let’s look at what a depth chart is and how it can benefit your fantasy football team. 

What is a Depth Chart? 

A depth chart is a visual representation of the players on each team in the NFL. The chart lists all of the players who are eligible to play each game, as well as their positions on the field.

It also indicates how much playing time certain players are likely to receive throughout the season. Knowing this information can help you determine which players are worth drafting and which should be avoided. 

How Can A Depth Chart Help You in Fantasy Football? 

By studying the depth charts of each NFL team, you’ll gain insight into which teams have strong starting lineups and who lack depth at certain positions. This will give you an idea of which teams have good backup options that could become regular starters over the season and those with limited bench options that may struggle if key starters get injured or suspended. 

It can also give you an idea of which players are likely to put up big numbers during any given week. For example, if a team has two starting wide receivers, but one has significantly more experience than the other. It’s safe to assume he will get more targets because he has more experience with the quarterback.

This knowledge can help you make smart trade decisions or decide when to start certain players on your roster over others who may be less reliable in terms of production from week to week. 


Depth charts can be handy tools for anyone playing fantasy football, especially those new to the game. By studying these charts carefully and using them strategically, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about which teams have strong starting lineups and backups capable of stepping up when needed.

As well as which, individual players are most likely to produce big numbers in any given week due to their amount of playing time. With this information, you’ll be better prepared for success in your fantasy league.