What Is a Deke In Ice Hockey?

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What Is a Deke?

A deke in hockey is a move used to fake out an opponent or goaltender. It is done by stickhandling the puck in a certain way to make it appear as though the player is going one way before quickly changing directions. Dekes can create space for a shot, pass, or simply get around an opponent.

When executed correctly, a deke can be a very effective tool. However, they can also be quite tricky to master. Many players practice them extensively to perfect their technique. Often, the best dekers are the ones who can make it look effortless and natural on the ice.

How To Execute a Deke

1. Approach the puck from the side.

2. Uses your stick to lift the puck over the defender’s stick.

3. As the puck is lifted, bring your other hand up to support the stick.

4. Quickly pushes the puck forward to the side, causing the defender to lose balance.

5. Brings your stick back down to hit the puck into the net.

Improving Your Deking Skills

Deking is all about timing and deception. The key is making your move at the last second when your opponent least expects it. You also need to sell the move by making it look like you’re going one way but quickly going another.

Here are some tips for improving your deking skills:

Practice In Small Spaces: One of the best ways to practice deking is in small spaces, such as a corner of the rink or behind the net. This will help you learn how to make quick, sharp movements.

Use Your Body: Deking is not just about using your stick. You must also use your body to create space and fool your opponent. For example, you can fake a shot with your body, then quickly pull the puck back and go around the defender.

Be Patient: Don’t try to deke every time you have the puck. Sometimes the best option is to make a simple move and get rid of the puck. It should be used as a last resort when other options have been exhausted.

Learn From The Pros: Watch how NHL players deke and try to mimic their moves. You can also find video tutorials online.

Practice, Practice, Practice: The only way to improve is to practice as much as possible. Go to your local rink and work on your moves. You can also set up cones or obstacles in your backyard and practice alone.


Whether a beginner or an experienced player, deking is a useful skill in your ice hockey repertoire. By understanding how the defense moves and anticipating their next move, you can take them by surprise and score some goals.