What Is a Defensive Wall In Soccer?


Understanding The Defensive Wall

Soccer is a fast-paced game requiring players to work together as a team to succeed. One important strategy used by teams is the defensive wall. But what exactly is a defensive wall in soccer?

Let’s look at the basics of defensive walls and how they can be used effectively on the field. 

What Is a Defensive Wall? 

A defensive wall sometimes called a “wall pass,” is when two or more players line up side by side to block an opposing player from taking a shot on goal.

It’s an important strategy when defending against set pieces like free kicks and corners, as it can make it difficult for the attacking team to get past the defenders and score. Players may sometimes use their bodies (or other body parts) to help form the wall, such as with their arms or legs. 

How To Set Up A Defensive Wall 

Setting up a defensive wall correctly is essential if you stop your opponents from scoring. The most important thing is positioning; all members of the defense should line up side by side with enough space between them so that each player has enough room to move around without impeding another player’s movement. All players should also be facing toward the player who will take the shot so that they can attempt to block any potential shots with their body.

When Should You Use it? 

The defensive wall should be used when you need to block a shot on goal from an opposing player. This could include free kicks or corners but could also include penalty shots or shots taken close to your penalty area.

All members of the defense must understand when and where to form the wall so that they can be ready for any situation that arises on the field. 

What Options Does The Offense Have?

Try To Pass The Ball Around or Over The Wall: This can be difficult, but if executed correctly, it can create an opportunity for a shot on goal.

Take a Direct Shot at The Goal: Doing this in the hope of either scoring or forcing the goalkeeper to make a save. This is often risky, as it gives the defenders time to set up and block the shot.

Attempt To Dribble Through The Wall: This can be very difficult, but if successful, it can create a great scoring opportunity.


The defensive wall is an important tactic for teams trying to defend against set pieces like free kicks and corners in soccer games. Teams need to understand how and when to set up a defensive wall to effectively protect their goal from any potential shots from their opponents.

With proper practice and understanding, teams can use this tactic strategically during games and increase their chances of winning in the sport of soccer.