What is a Custom-Scoring System In Fantasy Football?

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What is a Custom-Scoring System? 

A custom-scoring system is exactly what it sounds like – a unique set of rules used to score points during fantasy football games. The type of scoring system used depends on the league played (standard vs. PPR vs. IDP, etc.) and the settings agreed upon by the league’s commissioner and participants.

Generally, standard scoring awards points for touchdowns, field goals, and extra points, while PPR (Point per Reception) adds bonuses for receptions. There are also alternative scoring systems such as “0.5 PPR,” which awards half a point per reception instead of one full point, and “Passer Rating,” which rewards quarterbacks for their accuracy when throwing the ball. 

Why Does Custom Scoring Matter? 

Custom-scoring systems matter because they can significantly affect how you draft your team and play your games throughout the season. Depending on your league’s custom-scoring system, you may want to prioritize different kinds of players over others — wide receivers over running backs in PPR leagues, kickers over quarterbacks in standard leagues, etc. This affects not only your drafting strategy but also waiver wire pickups and trade targets throughout the season as well.  

Should I Use It In My League?

The custom scoring system in fantasy football can be a great way to add excitement to your league. Adding your own scoring rules can make the game more personal and tailored to your preferences. However, a few potential downsides to using a custom scoring system exist. For one, it can make the game more complicated for new players or ones who are used to one style of scoring. (ESPN, Yahoo, etc.)

Also, if only some people in the league are on board with the custom scoring system, it can create tension and disagreement among members. That happened in my league when we messed around with the scoring system. It can cause unnecessary drama you might not otherwise have if you didn’t change the scoring.

So if you decide to go this route, be sure that everyone is on the same page and understands the rules before getting started. It’s not going to be worth the trouble otherwise.


Ultimately, understanding your league’s custom-scoring system is essential to success in fantasy football dynasty leagues – both short-term (drafting) and long-term (waiver wire pickups/trades).

Knowing which players will benefit most from your league’s scoring system can help ensure that you put together a team with the best chance of coming out on top each week!