What Is a Corner Blitz In American Football?

corner blitz

What Is a Corner Blitz In Football?

A corner blitz is one of American football’s most effective defensive strategies. It involves sending an extra defender to the quarterback’s blind side, forcing him to make a quick decision and often making it difficult for him to complete a pass. It can often lead to an interception or a sack resulting in negative yards for the opposing offense.

Let’s take a closer look at how a corner blitz works and why it can be so successful. 

How it Works 

A corner blitz is typically used when the offense has three or more receivers lined up on one side of the field. This means fewer defenders are on that side, creating an opportunity for the defense to send an extra defender (the “blitzer”) into the backfield unobstructed.

The blitzer usually comes from the outside position (a cornerback or safety) because they have more experience defending against passes. They can quickly adjust to cover a receiver instead of rushing the quarterback. 

This works because when the ball is snapped, the blitzer will sprint toward the quarterback while other players in the defense attempt to occupy offensive linemen or draw double teams away from the blitzer.

This makes it difficult for offensive linemen to adjust and block them, and if left unchallenged, gives them a clear path to pressure or sack the quarterback. 

What To Remember Before Calling The Corner Blitz

1. Make sure you have a good reason for calling the play. If the offense is having success throwing the ball, then a corner blitz may be your best option. However, a corner blitz may not be necessary if the offense is struggling or primarily running the ball.

2. Make sure that your corners are prepared to execute the blitz. They should know their assignments and be able to get to the quarterback quickly and efficiently.

3. Always communicate with your teammates before executing any type of blitz. This will help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that there are no misunderstandings.

Benefits of Using a Corner Blitz 

A corner blitz can be extremely effective because it puts pressure on opposing quarterbacks who may not be expecting it. For example, if your team has been playing conservatively all game and suddenly sends an unexpected blitzer.

It could throw off your opponent’s timing and force them into making poor decisions with their throws, resulting in interceptions or incomplete passes. This strategy also allows you to send extra rushers without committing too many resources. There are usually only two or three rushers (the blitzer and other defenders occupying blockers).  

Potential Negatives

Now that you’re aware of the positives, it’s time to consider the potential drawbacks of corner blitzing. One negative is that it can leave the defense vulnerable to a big play. If the offense is able to take advantage of the situation, they could score a touchdown or get a big yardage play downfield.

It can also be costly if the defense doesn’t get to the quarterback. This is because the defense will have put themselves in a bad position and will open opportunities for the QB to throw the ball downfield.

Whether or not corner blitzing is a good strategy depends on the situation. If used correctly, it can be a great way to surprise the offense and make a big play. So it’s good to weigh the positives and negatives before calling.


To summarize, understanding how a corner blitz works can be offensively and defensively beneficial in American football. Offensive coordinators should always be aware of this strategy and plan accordingly by ensuring their offensive line is ready for any sudden changes in defensive alignment that might occur during games.

On defense, understanding how this strategy works can help you create better game plans and take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. Ultimately, knowing how to use a corner blitz effectively will give you an edge over your opponents, no matter what side of the ball you’re on.