What Is A Checked Kick In MMA?


What Is A Checked Kick In MMA?

A checked kick is a low kick thrown to check or hit an opponent’s leg and is often used to set up other strikes or to disrupt an opponent’s balance and movement.

Checked kicks are typically thrown to the inside of an opponent’s lead leg and can be delivered with either the heel or ball of the foot. When properly executed, a checked kick should land flush on the target, with the shin making contact at a 90-degree angle.

While checked kicks are generally less powerful than unchecked ones (such as roundhouse), they can still do significant damage if they connect with bone or cartilage. They can also effectively disrupt an opponent’s rhythm and timing, making them an important tool in offensive and defensive situations.

Why Kicks A Great Move In MMA

There are a few different ways to win in MMA, but one of the most effective is using kicks. Kicks can be used to knock an opponent out or be used to set up other strikes. Either way, they are a crucial part of any MMA fighter’s arsenal.

1. Kicks Can Be Challenging To Defend Against: A good fighter will know how to use their body weight and momentum to deliver a powerful kick that is hard to block, which can often lead to an opponent being knocked down or even out cold.

2. Used To Set Up Other Strikes: For example, a fighter might throw a kick at an opponent’s head and then follow up with a punch to the body. Doing this can be a very effective way to take an opponent down.

3. Great Way To Keep an Opponent at Bay: If an opponent is constantly trying to close the distance, a fighter can use kicks to keep them at a safe distance. This can be very important in a fight where one fighter tries to take the other down.

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How To Throw A Checked Kick In MMA

Make Sure Your Body Is In The Correct Position: This means that your hips should be squared off with your opponent, and your weight should be evenly distributed on both feet. If you’re not in the correct position, it’s very easy to lose your balance and get taken down.

Remember To Keep Your Guard Up: Many times, fighters will drop their hands when they throw a kick, leaving themselves open to counter-strikes. By keeping your hands up, you can better protect yourself from these kinds of attacks.

Snap Your Kick Quickly & Powerfully: Snapping your kick out quickly can often take your opponent by surprise and land a clean shot. A lot of times, fighters will telegraph their kicks by winding up before they throw them. This gives their opponent time to react and counter.


Kicks are a decisive move that can be used to great effect in MMA. By understanding the mechanics of a good kick, you can use this knowledge to your advantage in training and competition. Always practice safety when kicking, and make sure you have a solid foundation in striking before attempting any kicks in an actual fight.