What Is A “Cheat Sheet” In Fantasy Football?

Cheat Sheet Fantasy Football

What is a Cheat Sheet?

A cheat sheet (or draft guide) is an invaluable tool for any fantasy football player. It’s a list of all the players available for selection that ranks them according to their value, which helps you make decisions about who you should draft for your team.

A good cheat sheet provides detailed statistics based on past performance, injury history, and other factors so that you can make informed decisions about which players are the best fit for your team.

Why It’s Beneficial On Draft Day

A cheat sheet helps you plan ahead. It lists all the players eligible for drafting and their projected points per game averages. This lets you know exactly how many points each player will be projected over the season.

You can also use it to compare players and determine which will be most beneficial when it comes time to make your picks. I like using the stats from the year before to see where they could possibly fall if they have a similar year of production.

Is Using One On Draft Day Considered Cheating?

While some people consider using a cheat sheet as cheating but it’s not. It’s simply a tool that can be used to help you make the best choices for your team. There is nothing wrong with using all the resources available to you in order to create the best possible team.

Where Can I Find Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets?

There are plenty of great options available when it comes to finding a good cheat sheet, including websites like FantasyPros or Fantasy Football Calculator that offer reliable rankings and projections from industry experts.

Other resources include magazines like Fantasy Football Weekly or ESPN The Magazine’s annual fantasy football preview issue and sites like Rotoworld or CBS Sportsline that provide up-to-date news and stats on all the players in the league.

Here’s a good example from FantasyPros.

Why I Recommend Using One

I’m not gonna lie; I love fantasy football. I’ve played in the same league with my friends since middle school, and it’s always fun. We do our best to outsmart each other and draft the best team possible each year. Someone recently suggested that we each make a cheat sheet to help us on draft day.

At first, I was against the idea because I thought it would take away from the challenge of drafting a great team. After considering it, I realized that a cheat sheet could be very beneficial. Not only would it make drafting faster and easier, but it would also help to level the playing field between experienced players and newcomers.

I’m a bit older now and can’t follow as closely as I used to, so it gives me a good baseline to make my picks. So, I recommend using one if you’re unsure who to draft.

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