What Is A “Bust” In Fantasy Football?

Bust Fantasy Football

What is a Bust in Fantasy Football?

A bust in fantasy football is simply an athlete who fails to produce the expected amount of points based on their draft position. For example, if you draft a wide receiver as your first pick and only score 10 points after 15 weeks of play, they are considered a bust.

It can also refer to any player who does not meet their projected expectations for the season. This makes you reevaluate your options to make up for lost production. Drafting a bust happens to everyone over the course of their fantasy football career.

Just this past season, I spent a top pick on Steelers running back Najee Harris (sigh), which didn’t work out very well for me. When you draft an unproductive player, you need to find creative ways to make up for that lost production.

How do I Avoid Drafting Busts?

The best way to avoid drafting busts is by doing the research before selecting any players for your roster. Researching players can help you establish realistic expectations and determine whether or not they are worth the risk of being drafted high up on your list.

It’s also important to keep an eye out for red flags—things like changes in the coaching staff, aging veterans, and off-field issues may signal that a player may be more likely to underperform than other athletes.

Also, consider the recent trends when assessing potential players. Look at their stats over the last few seasons, pay attention to which teams they have been playing against, and try to get an idea of how they will fit into the team dynamic this year.

Knowing all this information can help you identify which players are more likely to perform well during the upcoming season and which should be avoided altogether.

What Should You Do If You Draft A Bust?

It’s every fantasy football owner’s nightmare: you use a high draft pick on a player who then has a terrible season. So what can you do if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation?

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and make hasty decisions, but keeping a level head is important. Look at the rest of your team and see if there are other players who could cover for the player’s struggles. If not, then it might be time to consider making a trade.

Trades can be tricky, but if you’re willing to part with some other assets, you can find another owner willing to take on your problem player. For example, say you have a surplus of receivers and need a running back; see if you could swing a deal using your depth.

Remember, even the best fantasy football teams have had their share of disappointments. I won my league last season, and now I’m on pace to finish at the bottom this year. It can be challenging to predict player performance year-to-year.


Understanding what makes a player a bust in fantasy football is key when building your roster each season. Research ahead of time can help you identify which athletes are worth drafting and which should be avoided altogether.

By avoiding busts, you will have better chances of success throughout the season and maybe even win your league. Pay close attention to recent trends to know who has the potential for a great performance during the upcoming season.

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