What Is a Brick In Basketball? Best Ways To Avoid

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What Is a Brick In Basketball?

Brick is a term often used in basketball to describe a missed shot. When a player bricks a shot, it means they missed the shot, and the ball bounced off the rim or backboard without going in.

Bricking a shot is often seen as negative, meaning the player failed to score points for their team. However, some players have built careers on consistently making shots despite missing them sometimes.

For example, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is one of the best shooters in the history of the NBA and has missed many shots during his career.

Where Does The Term “Brick” Come From?

The origin of the term is unclear, but it likely comes from the fact that when a brick is thrown at a surface, it usually makes a loud noise and doesn’t go in. Similarly, when a basketball hits the rim or backboard and bounces out, it can make a loud noise.

It’s also possible that the term comes from the fact that bricks are often used to build walls or other structures. When something is built with bricks, it’s usually very strong and difficult to break through. Similarly, it can be difficult for the ball to go in when a player hits the rim or backboard with a shot.

Whatever the term’s origin, it’s been used in basketball for many years. In fact, it was even used by legendary basketball coach John Wooden. In a 1977 interview, he said: “I’ve always felt that shooting is 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical. If you miss two shots in a row, you start thinking about it, and you’re finished.”

Difference Between a Brick & Missed Shot

A brick is a shot that doesn’t go into the basket in basketball. It’s an air ball or a clank off the rim. A missed shot is simply a shot that doesn’t go in. Many factors can contribute to a brick. Maybe the player didn’t have enough arc on their shot, or they rushed it. Whatever the reason, a brick is always a disappointing result.

A missed shot, on the other hand, can be due to bad luck. Maybe the player was well-covered and couldn’t get their shot off in time. Or maybe they got a great look, but the ball didn’t fall. In either case, it’s important to keep shooting.

Bricks and missed shots are a part of basketball, but they don’t have to define a player’s game.

How To Avoid Shooting Bricks

One of the most frustrating things when playing basketball is shooting bricks. This is when the ball hits the front of the rim and bounces away, resulting in a missed shot. A few things can cause this to happen, so it’s important to be aware of them to avoid them.

Not Using Proper Shooting Techniques: This can be corrected by using the right grip on the ball, keeping your elbow in, and following through with your shot.

Lack of Focus: It’s important to focus your eyes on the target and be mentally prepared to make the shot before you even take it.

Physical Factors Such as Fatigue or Poor Form: If you’re tired, take a break and focus on your form. Make sure you’re not rushing your shot and using the proper technique.

If you can avoid these three things, you’ll be well on making more shots and scoring more points. Basketball is fun, so don’t let shooting bricks ruin it for you. Just keep practicing and stay positive; eventually, those shots will fall.

Conclusion: Bricks In Basketball

A brick is simply a missed shot. It can be any kind of shot, from a layup to a three-pointer. If the shot doesn’t go in, it’s considered a miss, which we call a brick. While they can be frustrating, they’re also part of the game. Everyone misses shots sometimes, even the best players in the world. The key is to keep shooting and not let the bricks get you down.