What Is a “Box Of Rocks” In Fantasy Baseball?

Box of Box

What Is a “Box Of Rocks” In Fantasy Baseball?

In fantasy baseball, a “box of rocks” is a term used to describe a team that has been constructed poorly and contains players who aren’t performing well. 

The Origins of the Term 

The term “box of rocks” originated in the early days of fantasy baseball. It was used to describe teams whose managers had made poor decisions when constructing their rosters. The thought was that these teams were full of players who weren’t performing up to expectations or just plain badly. 

Avoiding a Box of Rocks 

Do research on each player before deciding whether or not they’re worth adding to your team. Consider their past performance, injuries, and current form when determining. Also, feel free to make tough decisions about releasing players if they’re not performing up to expectations. A good manager knows when it’s time to cut bait with an underperforming player, no matter how much potential they might have shown earlier in the season. 

Making sure that any trades you make are beneficial for both sides will ensure that your team stays competitive throughout the year. It’s also important to stay informed about your league’s trade rules and regulations so that you don’t risk trading away valuable assets for anything in return. 

In my opinion, the most important thing is to remember to set realistic goals for yourself and your team; setting unrealistic goals can lead to frustration and ultimately result in damaging decisions made out of desperation or anger.  


In summary, understanding what a box of rocks is—and how best to avoid becoming one—is essential for any fantasy baseball manager looking for success this season. Doing research on potential roster additions before committing is key, as is staying informed about trades and setting realistic goals for yourself throughout the year.