What Is A Birdie In Golf?

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What Is A Birdie In Golf?

A birdie is a score of one stroke under par on a hole. For example, if the par for a hole is four, then a birdie would be a score of three. They are generally considered good scores and can help players lower their overall score for a round of golf. When players can score birdies consistently, it can indicate that they are skilled golfers.

There are various ways that players can achieve birdies, such as by hitting the ball closer to the hole than their opponents or by taking fewer strokes on a hole than the par. Regardless of how it is achieved, a birdie is always an impressive feat on the golf course.

What Is It Called A Birdie?

The term most likely comes from the phrase “bird’s eye view.” This refers to the fact that when a golfer looks at the hole from above, it looks like a small bird’s nest. While the term “birdie” is most commonly used in golf, it can also be used in other sports to describe scoring one point under the expected amount.

Par is the number of strokes a golfer must need to complete the hole. Most golf courses have a standard par for each hole, but it can vary depending on the course. When a golfer scores a birdie, they have completed the hole in one stroke less than expected. This can be a difficult feat, which is why it is considered an impressive accomplishment.

How To Hit More Birdies In Golf?

1. Make sure you use the proper clubs for your skill level.

2. Focus on your tee shots and make sure they are accurate. You will start each hole at a disadvantage if your tee shots are off.

3. Pay attention to the flagstick and pick a spot short of the hole to aim for. Doing this gives you a better chance of sinking your putt or having an easy chip shot.

4. Don’t forget to practice your putting.

5. A lighter club allows for greater speed and accuracy, making all the difference when trying to hit a small target.


A birdie is a score of one stroke under par on a golf hole. The term “birdie” comes from the fact that it’s scoring one stroke better than an “eagle.” Making a birdie is usually seen as good since you’re playing well enough to beat the average score for that particular hole. If you keep making birdies, your overall score for the round will be quite good.

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