What Does “Utility” Mean In Fantasy Baseball?


What is Utility?

In fantasy baseball, utility is a special position that allows a player to fill any other position on the field. This gives teams the flexibility to have an additional player in their lineup without having to worry about filling out every single position – which can be especially helpful if there are injuries or players performing poorly who need to be replaced.

The utility spot also allows teams to pick up players from different positions that may have good matchups for a particular game or week.

The Benefits of Having a Utility Player

Having a utility player on your team can be very beneficial as they provide extra depth and flexibility. They can fill in for injured or underperforming players throughout the season and give your team a much-needed boost when needed.

They can also allow you to take advantage of favorable matchups against certain teams or pitchers, giving you an edge over opponents who may not have such flexibility in their lineups.

How to Pick Your Utility Player

When picking your utility player, look for someone who plays multiple positions and has good offensive numbers (e.g., batting average, home runs). You want someone versatile enough so that they can fill in at any position if needed but also productive enough with the bat so that they will contribute offensively when called upon.

Consider looking at players who are usually listed as second basemen or shortstops, as these are typically players who play more than one position and can provide both offense and defense when called upon.

Bottom Line

A Utility player is an important role for any fantasy baseball team as it allows them added flexibility when making lineup changes throughout the season due to injuries or poor performance from other players. With the right player, your team will be better equipped to handle whatever challenges come its way during the course of a long season.