What Does “TOT” Mean In Fantasy Football?

TOT fantasy football

What Does TOT Mean In Fantasy Football?

In fantasy football, TOT stands for “total points.” This stat simply adds up all the points a player has scored in a season. It’s a simple way to compare players across different positions and see who has been the most productive overall.

Top Scoring Positions In Fantasy Football

Quarterbacks typically score the most points because they throw for touchdowns and rack up many passing yards. Running backs typically score the second-most points because they often find the end zone and also gain a lot of yards from scrimmage. They can also catch passes out of the backfield, which is great if you’re in a PPR league.

Wide receivers usually round out the top three scoring positions because they frequently catch touchdown passes and rack up many receiving yards. Other positions can score many points in fantasy football, but these are typically the three highest-scoring positions.

How To Score The Most Total Points In Your Fantasy Football League

The best way to be consistent is to have a good mix of players from different teams and positions. If one player has an off week, other players can pick up the slack. It’s also important to pay attention to bye weeks and ensure you have enough depth at each position to still field a competitive team even when some of your starters are resting.

Point values can also vary from league to league. So, if you’re in a league that awards more points for touchdowns than yardage, it makes sense to focus on players who frequently find the end zone.

The same goes for leagues that have different scoring rules for different positions. For example, some leagues may give quarterbacks extra points for each passing touchdown, while others may not.