What Does The Letter “A” Mean on a Hockey Jersey?


Have you ever watched a hockey game and wondered why some players have an ‘A’ on their jerseys? It might look like just another letter, but it serves a specific purpose in hockey.

Let’s take a closer look at what the letter ‘A’ means on a hockey jersey and how it is used in the sport.

What Does The Letter “A” Mean? 

The letter ‘A’ in hockey stands for “alternate captain.” A captain is the team leader responsible for representing his or her teammates on and off the ice. An alternate captain can step up to take over these responsibilities when needed. They are usually selected by the captain and get the letter ‘A’ stitched on their jersey to signify their status as an alternate captain. 

Alternate captains usually serve as mentors to younger players and offer advice or support when needed. They can also act as mediators between coaches and players when there’s tension or disagreement in the locker room. While they don’t have the same privileges as captains, they are still respected team members and are often called upon to provide leadership when necessary. 

The Role of Alternate Captains in Hockey Games 

During games, alternate captains are expected to lead by example and help keep their teammates focused on playing well. They should be vocal during timeouts or intermissions to provide encouragement or motivation.

They may also be asked to make important decisions during play stoppages, such as whether or not to challenge certain plays for review (which can result in penalties if done incorrectly). Finally, they should always stay aware of what’s happening around them to alert coaches or referees if something needs attention. 


In summary, an ‘A’ on a hockey jersey signifies that the player wearing it is an alternate captain tasked with providing additional leadership to their teammates during practices and games. While alternates may not have the same responsibilities as captains, they still play an important role in helping teams succeed on and off the ice.