What Does “RBBC” Mean In Fantasy Football?

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Running Back By Committee

If you’ve been playing fantasy football for any amount of time, chances are you’ve heard the term “running back by committee.” (RBBC) But what does this phrase mean? Is it a good or bad thing for your team?

Let’s break down the running back by committee approach and see how it can impact your fantasy squad.

What It Means

The running back by committee strategy means that instead of relying on one player to get all their rushing yards, a team will use multiple players to get the job done.

This is most commonly seen with teams that don’t have an established starting running back—they simply rotate through two or more players throughout the game, thus giving each of them a chance to contribute to the offense.

Pros and Cons

The primary benefit of using a running back-by-committee approach is that it ensures that no one player gets overworked. This makes sense from a physical standpoint, as it reduces the risk of injuries and keeps all players fresh throughout the season. It also gives coaches more options when trying to move the ball downfield since they can switch up which running back is handling carries based on what type of play is called.

On the other hand, this approach can be detrimental for fantasy football teams because there’s no guarantee which player will get the bulk (or even any) carries in any given game. This makes it difficult for fantasy owners to accurately predict which players will have productive weeks and which won’t—a factor that could seriously hurt their chances of winning their matchups.

Bottom Line

While a running back by committee approach may be beneficial for NFL teams in terms of keeping their players fresh and giving them more options on offense, it can be significantly less helpful for fantasy football owners who need to accurately predict which players will have successful weeks in order to win their matchups.

Be sure to keep an eye out for teams utilizing this strategy so you can adjust your lineups accordingly and maximize your chances of winning.