What Does PPD Mean In Fantasy Baseball?


What does PPD Mean? 

In fantasy baseball, PPD stands for Postponed. This term refers to games that are postponed due to weather or other reasons, such as an emergency or scheduling conflict.

When a game is postponed, it will be played at a later date, usually within the same week that it was initially scheduled for. The original time and date of the game will remain unchanged; however, the actual day of play will be shifted to accommodate both teams’ schedules. 

How Does PPD Affect Your Team? 

When a game is postponed in fantasy baseball, any points earned by players during that game will not count until the rescheduled date (unless otherwise noted). Any points earned by players on your team before the postponement will only count toward your overall standings after the game has been rescheduled and played out. 

Suppose you have players from either team playing in a postponed game. In that case, they can only be used in another matchup after the rescheduled date has passed, and all points earned have been counted toward your overall standings. 

Why Is It Important To Pay Attention To PPDs? 

It is important to pay attention to postponements because they can affect your overall standings significantly if you do not adjust accordingly. 

If you are unaware of any postponements or delays before they occur, then you run the risk of losing out on valuable points earned by players on your team during those games, as well as having missing players from future matchups due to their participation in a previously postponed game (which would leave an open spot in your lineup). 

Paying close attention to PPDs ensures that you can make all necessary adjustments quickly so that no points are lost and all available spots on your roster are filled with active players ready to play each week.