What Does “PF” Mean In Fantasy Baseball?


What Does “PF” Mean In Fantasy Baseball?

PF stands for Points For, which is a scoring system used in fantasy baseball. This scoring system allows players to accumulate points based on their field performance and assign them to their fantasy teams.

How Points For Works 

Points-based scoring systems are a great way to measure team performance in fantasy baseball leagues. The “Points For” system gives players credit for certain offensive and defensive actions during the game.

Every action is assigned a certain number of points depending on its significance. For example, hitting a home run will typically earn more points than getting an infield single. These points are accumulated and assigned to each player’s fantasy team at the end of the game. 

At the end of every week, all of the points from each player’s performance are added, and that total is compared against other teams in your league. The team with the most points at the end of each week wins.

It’s an exciting way to play fantasy baseball, as it keeps things interesting throughout the season and promotes healthy competition between teams. 

Benefits of Points-Based Scoring Systems 

A point-based scoring system offers several advantages over other scoring systems, such as rotisserie or head-to-head leagues. 

Benefit 1: It encourages players to focus on individual performances rather than just winning games. This means that players who might have less experience can still compete against more experienced opponents by concentrating on accumulating individual stats such as batting average or stolen bases instead of trying to win every game outright. 

Benefit 2: This scoring system allows for greater flexibility when setting up your team lineup since no specific positions need to be filled, like in traditional rotisserie or head-to-head leagues.  


In summary, “PF” stands for Points For—a popular scoring system used in fantasy baseball leagues around the world, including myself. It allows players to accumulate points based on their performance on the field.

It assigns them those points at the end of each game or series they play to compare teams against one another at the end of each week and determine which one earns bragging rights as tops in their league.