What Does It Mean To “Finish Your Check” In Hockey?

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What Is Checking? 

Checking is an integral part of hockey It involves using one’s body or stick to disrupt or impede an opponent’s movement with the puck. Checking can be used as a defensive tactic, but it can also be used as an offensive tactic if done correctly. The goal of checking is to separate the opponent from the puck so that you can gain possession of it and move up the ice with greater speed and agility. 

Why Is Finishing Your Check Important? 

Finishing your check simply means making sure that you complete the checking process all the way through. This can involve using your body or stick to keep your opponent away from the puck until you have gained full possession and control of it.

By finishing your check, you are ensuring that you are only allowing your opponent an opportunity to regain possession of the puck after you have had a chance to pass it off or move up ice yourself. 

Finishing your check is also important for safety reasons. If a player needs to complete their check correctly, they may hit another player too hard or unsafely, which could lead to serious injury. By taking time to finish their checks properly, players can ensure that all players remain safe while still playing aggressively and competitively. 

When To Finish Your Check In Hockey

1. If an opponent is trying to take the puck away from you, you can finish your check in order to keep them from doing so.

2. If an opponent is about to shoot the puck, you can finish your check in order to disrupt their shot and prevent them from scoring.

3. If an opponent is trying to pass the puck, you can finish your check in order to intercept their pass and gain possession of the puck for your team.


To summarize, finishing your check is essential for all hockey players and coaches. Not only does it help keep everyone on the ice safe by ensuring proper technique is used when checking opponents, but it also helps create opportunities for the offense by helping players gain control over loose pucks faster than their opponents.