What Does It Mean To “Drop” a Player In Fantasy Football?

Drop player

What is Dropping a Player? 

Dropping a player means that you are removing them from your team roster. This can be done for several reasons; maybe they’re injured, or their performance has been lackluster lately.

Whatever the reason, dropping a player allows you to free up an extra roster spot so that you can pick up another player that may be more beneficial to your team. 

When Should You Drop a Player? 

The decision to drop a player is ultimately up to each individual fantasy football owner. Still, some guidelines should be followed when determining whether dropping a particular player is the right move. Generally speaking, if the player isn’t producing enough points or has been inactive due to injury, consider dropping them.

Also, take a look if your league has specific rules about players being allowed on certain teams (such as only one quarterback per team); then dropping them may also be necessary to abide by these rules.  

Things To Consider Before Making A Roster Decision

Dropping a player in fantasy football can be a tough decision. After all, you invested time and energy into drafting and adding them to your team. But sometimes a change is necessary, whether because of injuries, bye weeks, or poor performance.

Before making the decision to drop a player, there are a few things you should consider:

1. Look at the other players on the waiver wire. Are there any players that could provide similar production?

2. Consider the schedule of the player you’re thinking of dropping. If they have a tough matchup and you’re sitting them for a week, just hold onto them.

3. Think about your team’s overall needs. Are you strong at the player’s position? If so, you can afford to let them go.

How Do You Drop a Player? 

Once you’ve decided which players you’d like to drop from your team roster, the process of actually doing so is relatively straightforward in most leagues.

Most leagues will have an interface where you can select the players you want to drop and confirm the action with just one click of the mouse. However, some leagues may require owners to submit their drops via email or other methods; check with your league’s commissioner for more information about how this works within your particular league. 

In some cases, you won’t drop a player if they were deemed “undroppable” before the season. This is to prevent someone from dropping a top player (Say Patrick Mahomes) just because they want to create an imbalance in the league. Something like this happens when a player is frustrated with their team’s performance and ruins the enjoyment for the rest of the league members.