What Does “IL” Mean In Fantasy Baseball?


What Does “IL” Mean?

IL stands for injured list, which refers to players who are currently injured or otherwise unable to play. It is important to understand if you want to improve your chances of winning in fantasy baseball.

Let’s take a closer look at the injured list and how it affects your fantasy baseball performance.

What Is the Injured List?

The injured list consists of all players who are currently declared out due to injury or illness and cannot be used in a fantasy team. This includes both minor and major injuries, as well as long-term illnesses such as COVID-19.

The length of time that players remain on this list varies depending on the severity of their injury or illness, with some returning within days while others may be out for months or even years.

How Does the Injured List Affect Your Fantasy Team?

When a player is placed on the injured list, they become ineligible to be used in any fantasy teams until they are activated again. This means that if one of your star players goes down with an injury, they will no longer contribute towards your points total until they return from the IL. As such, it’s important to keep track of which players are on the IL to ensure you have enough active players available for each game day.

It’s also important to pay attention to when they will return from their respective injuries or illnesses. Some leagues allow owners to place inactive players on their rosters so that they can remain active once they return from the IL; however, other leagues do not allow this, so it’s important to check your league rules before making any roster moves involving inactive players.

Bottom Line

In summary, “IL” is an acronym that stands for injured list and refers to all current players who have been declared out due to injury or illness and thus cannot be used by any fantasy teams until they return from said injuries/illnesses.

Keeping track of these inactive players is critical if you want to succeed in fantasy baseball, as having too many IL-bound stars can quickly tank your point totals each week (or daily). Familiarizing yourself with active and inactive roster rules can help ensure success in your upcoming season!