What Does “Handcuff” Mean In Fantasy Football?

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What Does “Handcuff” Mean In Fantasy Football?

In fantasy football, the handcuff refers to a backup player drafted as the starter’s insurance. The theory behind drafting a handcuff is that, in the event that the starter gets injured or underperforms, the handcuff will be there to step in and provide similar production.

Why Handcuffing Can Be Beneficial

Safety Net For Underperforming Player: If your starting running back goes down with an injury, you’re likely to see a significant drop-off in production from their backup. By handcuffing that player to another RB on your roster, you can be sure that you’ll still have some level of production coming from that position.

Prevent a Complete Bust on Your Team: If you have a player who is injured or otherwise unable to play for an extended period of time, their backup is likely to see an increase in playing time. This can often mean the difference between winning and losing in fantasy football.

Used as Trade Bait: If you have a player who is significantly outperforming their draft position, you may be able to trade them to another owner in exchange for an underperforming player. This can help you improve your team’s overall talent without giving up too much.

Importance Of Roster Depth In Fantasy Football

A team’s depth is its collection of backups for its starters at each position. These backups are important because they provide insurance in case of injuries or poor performance by starters. They also give managers the opportunity to take advantage of favorable matchups.

While it is important to have a good starter at every position, depth allows a team to survive injuries, poor performance, and trade opportunities. A team with good depth will always have a chance to win, regardless of who is on the field.