What Does “DTD” Mean In Fantasy Baseball?


The Meaning of DTD 

The acronym “DTD” stands for “day-to-day,” which is a term used to describe players dealing with an injury or other issue that makes them unable to play for an extended period. This means that the player is unlikely to be able to participate in any games for at least one day but may be available again soon thereafter. 

Why Is DTD Important? 

In fantasy baseball, understanding the meaning of DTD can help you decide which players to start or bench on any given day. For example, if one of your star players is listed as DTD, it might make sense to bench them and start another player instead (assuming you have a suitable replacement). This way, you will only save a valuable spot on your roster if they can play due to their injury or other issues. 

On the other hand, if you decide not to bench your injured player and he ends up playing anyway (despite being listed as DTD), you could get extra points from him that day—points which could give you a significant edge over your opponents! This is why understanding the meaning of DTD is so important when playing fantasy baseball; it can help you make informed decisions about which players should start and which ones should stay on the bench. 

Bottom Line

Being aware of this status will help ensure that you don’t waste spots on your roster or miss out on potential points by starting someone who isn’t able to play that day! Understanding all this information gives fantasy baseball owners an advantage over their opponents and can increase their chances of victory!