What Does DFA Mean In Baseball? Easy Explanation


What Does DFA Mean In Baseball?

DFA stands for Designated for Assignment. In baseball, this designation is given to a player who has been removed from his team’s 40-man roster. The player can either be released or outrighted to the Minor Leagues.

A player can also be designated for assignment if he is claimed off waivers by another team. In this case, the original team has seven days to decide what to do with the player. The DFA designation is often used as a way for teams to make room on their rosters for other players. For example, a team may designate a player for assignment to call up a prospect from the Minor Leagues.

Designating a player for assignment can also be a way for a team to remove a player from its 40-man roster while deciding what to do with him. For example, a team may DFA a player to send him to the Minor Leagues for additional development. In some cases, a player may be designated for assignment multiple times in his career, which can happen if a player is claimed off waivers by one team and then claimed off waivers by another team.

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How A Player Gets Claimed In MLB

When a player is claimed in baseball, another team has taken them off the waivers and is now responsible for their contract. The process of getting claimed usually happens when a player is put on waiver by their current team. This can happen for various reasons, including if the team is trying to release the player or if they are trying to trade them.

If a team puts a player on waiver and no one claims them, they are said to have “cleared waivers.” At that point, the team is free to do whatever they want with the player, including releasing them or sending them down to the minors.

Players can also be claimed while they are still under contract. In this case, the team that claims the player is responsible for paying the remainder of their contract. This can be risky for a team, as they could end up being stuck with a player they don’t want or can’t afford.

If you’re a baseball fan, it’s important to understand how players get claimed, which can help you follow along with trades and roster moves throughout the season.

What Is Being Released

When a player is released, they are no longer under contract with the team they were playing for. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the following:

  • The team no longer needs them.
  • They are not performing well.
  • They are breaking team rules.

Regardless of the reason, once a player is released, they become a free agent and can sign with any interested team.A player can be released from their team in a few different ways.

  • Voluntary Retirement (Player decides to retire on their own accord.)
  • Mandatory Release (Where the team chooses to release the player for poor performance or other reasons.)
  • Mutual Consent (The player and the team agree to terminate the contract.)

Regardless of how it happens, being released from a team can be a difficult thing for a player to go through. They suddenly have to find a new team and start all over again, which can be emotionally and financially burdensome. However, it does allow them to start fresh and potentially have more success elsewhere.


So to conclude, DFA stands for Designated for Assignment in the sport of baseball. It’s an important strategy that can help teams improve their roster and win more games. It’s a complex process, but by understanding the basics, you can appreciate how this tool helps baseball organizations make better decisions.