What Does “Corner Infield” Mean In Fantasy Baseball?


What Does “Corner Infield” Mean?

Corner infield is a common position in fantasy baseball and is made up of two positions: first baseman and third baseman. Understanding the positions can help you make the best decisions when building your fantasy team. Let’s break down what corner infield means in fantasy baseball. 

What Positions Make Up Corner Infield? 

The corner infield position consists of first basemen and third basemen. First basemen are typically considered power hitters as they play closer to home plate than other players on the field. They often have excellent batting averages, hitting for power and contact, but their defensive skills are less strong than other positions.

Third basemen also have some power, but they are usually considered more well-rounded players who excel defensively and offensively. Both positions are important for any fantasy team since they provide stability in the middle of the diamond and can often contribute runs or RBIs (runs batted in). 

How Should I Draft My Corner Infielders? 

When drafting your corner infielders, look for players who have consistent batting averages and power numbers that can help contribute points to your team’s total score every week.

It’s also important to look at defensive stats like fielding percentage and errors committed when evaluating potential players if your league deducts points. Knowing these stats can make all the difference between a great player and an average one.


In conclusion, corner infield is an important position in fantasy baseball that requires careful consideration when drafting players. Evaluate each player based on their batting average, power numbers, defensive stats, and home run totals to make sure that you get the most out of your corner infielders throughout the season.