What Does “Coffin Corner” Mean In Football?

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What is Coffin Corner In Football? 

The “coffin corner” is an area of the field between the sideline and end zone that teams can target with their punts or kickoffs. When a team kicks the ball into this area, they try to pin their opponents deep within their half of the field, making it harder for them to score points. This strategy is known as a “coffin corner kick” or simply a “coffin kick.” 

Why Would You Use It? 

The purpose of using a coffin corner kick is to keep your opponent pinned back in their territory and limit their options for advancing downfield. You give yourself more time by kicking the ball into this area while limiting your opponent’s offensive options. This can be particularly effective if your team has just given up a touchdown and needs time on the clock before the opposing team can score again. 

How Do You Execute It? 

To execute a coffin corner kick, you need an accurate kicker to place the ball between the sideline and end zone in this small window. The kicker should aim for an area about five yards from either side where he intends to kick it.

And then, make sure that his foot remains parallel with his body as he kicks it so that he can get optimal distance without sacrificing accuracy. Also, if the wind or other weather factors are at play, he must adjust his angle accordingly to ensure accuracy and distance.  


The coffin corner kick is an important tool for any American football team looking to gain an advantage over its opponents. By targeting this small area between the sideline and endzone, teams can pin their opponents deep in their own territory. This buys them extra time on offense while limiting their opponent’s offensive options at the same time.

With proper technique and practice, teams can use this technique effectively against any defense or offense they encounter on game day.