What Does “Bye” Mean In Fantasy Football?

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What Does Bye Mean In Fantasy Football?

In fantasy football, “bye” refers to the week during the NFL season when a particular team is not playing. If you have a player on your fantasy team who is on bye that week, you will need to find a replacement for them in your lineup for that week.

What Is a Bye Week During The NFL Season?

In American football, a bye week is a week during the regular season where a team does not play a game. This gives the team a chance to rest and recover from injuries sustained in previous weeks. In the NFL, bye weeks fall between week six and week 14 during the 2022 season, and all teams must have at least one bye week.

During bye weeks, teams can take advantage of the extra time off by practicing and working on their plays. They can also use this time to scout other teams and study game film. Some players may also use them to get away from the game and clear their minds.

While bye weeks can be beneficial for teams, they can also disrupt the flow of the season. For example, a team on a winning streak may be hesitant to take a break. They can also make it difficult for fans to keep track of their favorite teams since no games are being played.

How Bye Weeks Impact Your Fantasy Football Team

Bye weeks can be a real pain for fantasy football owners. Not only do they have to worry about their star player being out of action, but they also have to deal with the fact that they may not have enough depth to cover all their bases. This can lead to some tough decisions when it comes to lineup choices and waiver wire pickups.

Tips To Manage Bye Weeks

Plan Ahead: Know which weeks your players have byes and plan accordingly. This means having backups ready to go and maybe even making trades beforehand to shore up your team.

Be Flexible: Be willing to make changes to your lineup. This might mean starting a player you normally wouldn’t or sitting a star player in favor of a solid backup.

Utilize The Waiver Wire: If you need to fill a hole in your lineup, don’t be afraid to scour the waiver wire for options. Usually, at least a few decent players can help you in a pinch.


To summarize, a “bye” in fantasy football refers to a team’s week off from competition. Byes can throw off your fantasy team if you’re not prepared, so it’s important to understand how they work before creating your lineup.