What Does “Boom Or Bust” Mean In Fantasy Football?

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What Does “Boom Or Bust” Mean?

The term “boom or bust” is often used to describe a player who has the potential to score a lot of points in any given week but also has the potential to score very few points. This type of player is often unpredictable and frustrating for fantasy owners, as they never quite know what they will get from them. However, these players can also be exciting, as they can win you your week with their big performances.

If you’re considering adding one of these players to your team, weighing the risk vs. reward is important. These players can be high-risk, high-reward picks that can make or break your team.

Deciding Whether To Play a Boom Or Bust Player

The Matchup: One of the most important factors to consider when starting a boom or bust player is the matchup. If they’re playing a team struggling against their position all season, it’s probably a good idea to start them. On the other hand, if they’re facing a tough defense, it might be best to leave them on the bench.

The History: Another important factor to consider is how the player has performed in the past against the team they’re playing. If they’ve had success against that team in the past, there’s a good chance they’ll have success again. However, if they’ve struggled against that team in the past, it’s probably best to avoid starting them.

Your Team’s Other Options: When deciding to start a player, you must consider your team’s other options. If you have a solid group of players that you feel confident about, you can afford to take a risk on a boom or bust player. But if your team is already thin at a particular position, it’s probably best to play it safe.


In summary, understanding what “boom or bust” means in fantasy football can help you maximize your team’s potential for success each week. Identify which players have risky high-reward profiles that could win you games if utilized correctly and which ones should be avoided due to their potential pitfalls, such as injuries and difficult matchups against top defenses, etc.

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