What Does “Being Under Center” Mean In Football?


What Does “Being Under Center” Mean In Football?

Being under center in football means the quarterback is lined up directly behind the center, with the ball in between them. This is a common way for quarterbacks to line up, as it allows them to control the snap and scan the defense. It’s very popular in the modern game of football.

How To Properly Execute

1. The QB Needs To Take a Proper Snap From The Center – This means that the ball needs to be placed in the correct spot on the ground, and the quarterback needs to be able to grip it correctly before taking off.

2. The QB Needs To Step Back Before Making The Throw – This is important because it gives him time to survey the field and find an open receiver. If he doesn’t have time to do this, he may throw an interception or get sacked.

3. The QB Needs To Be Sure To Follow Through – This means that he should extend his arm fully and snap his wrist as he releases the ball. If he doesn’t do this, the ball will likely sail on him and won’t go as far as it should.

How To Defend On Defence

When a quarterback is under center, the defense should be prepared to defend against both the run and the pass. The key is to maintain discipline and not allow the offense to dictate the pace of the game.

If the defense can stay disciplined, they will be able to force the offense into making mistakes. When the offense is forced to make mistakes, they will be more likely to turn the ball over or fail to convert on third downs.

The key for the defense is to keep the pressure on the quarterback. If the quarterback feels comfortable in the pocket, he will be able to pick apart the defense. However, if the defense can apply pressure, it will force him to make quick decisions, and oftentimes, those decisions will be errant.