What Does ADP Mean In Fantasy Football?


What Does ADP Mean In Fantasy Football?

In fantasy football, ADP stands for “average draft position.” This is a metric that can be used to help determine where a player is likely to be drafted in a given year. It’s also a useful tool for evaluating players who may be undervalued or overvalued in relation to their ADP.

What Influences a Players ADP?

Recent performance: Obviously, if a player is coming off a great season or has been consistently good over the past few years, they will be drafted higher than someone coming off a down year or has been inconsistent.

Potential: If a player has shown flashes of potential but hasn’t put it all together yet, they may be drafted higher than someone who is a proven commodity but doesn’t have as much upside.

Age: Younger players are often drafted higher than older players, as they’re seen as having more potential. This is especially true for rookies, who are often drafted extremely high despite never playing a single NFL snap.

Injury History: Players with a history of injuries are often drafted lower than those who have been relatively healthy throughout their careers. This is because injuries can be unpredictable and derail even the most promising seasons.

Scheme Fit: A player’s ADP can also be influenced by where they landed in the offseason. If they sign with a team with a great offense or defense, they may be drafted higher than they would have been if they had signed with a team that isn’t as good.

Depth Chart: A player’s ADP can also be impacted by their placement on the depth chart. If they’re the clear-cut starter, they’ll be drafted higher than someone buried on the depth chart and may not even see the field much.

Public Opinion: Finally, a player’s ADP can be influenced by their general public opinion. If everyone talks about how great a player is, they will be drafted higher than someone who isn’t getting as hype.

Is ADP Important For Fantasy Football Managers?

The answer is yes…and no.

ADP, or Average Draft Position, is a helpful tool that can give you an idea of where players are being drafted relative to others at their position. This can be useful information when trying to decide which players to target.

However, it’s important to remember that ADP is just average. It doesn’t necessarily mean that every player will be drafted exactly where their ADP says they should be. There will always be variations from one draft to the next.

So while ADP can be a helpful guide, don’t get too caught up in it. In the end, it’s just one piece of information to consider when making your draft picks.