What Does Ace Mean In Baseball?

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What Does Ace Mean In Baseball?

An ace in baseball is a pitcher who is the best at his position on the team. Aces often start games with good control and velocity, allowing them to set the tone for the entire game. They are usually counted on to go deep into games and get outs when their team needs them most.

Most importantly, aces serve as reliable leaders on and off the field, setting examples for fellow players with their hard work ethic and attitude. Check out this video of former Astros ace pitcher Justin Verlander pumping up his team during the 2017 World Series.

Why Is an Ace Pitcher So Important? 

Good pitching is essential for every team’s success, so having an ace pitcher as part of your starting rotation can make all the difference between winning and losing. An ace gives your team consistency throughout the season since you know that you have someone reliable that you can count on when needed.

They provide stability during games and set high standards for their teammates by pushing themselves during practice so that everyone else follows suit. Not to mention they’re a leader that younger players can follow and learn from.

What Are Some Examples Of Ace Pitchers?

Sandy Koufax: Considered one of the greatest pitchers of all time. He pitched 12 seasons for the Los Angeles Dodgers, winning three Cy Young Awards and helping the team to three World Series titles.

Bob Gibson: Gibson played his entire career with the St. Louis Cardinals. He is a two-time World Series champion named National League MVP in 1968.

Nolan Ryan: A hall-of-fame pitcher best known for his years with the Texas Rangers. He holds the record for most career strikeouts and is considered one of the hardest throwers in baseball history.

Pedro Martinez: Pedro was an ace pitcher for several teams during his career but is best remembered for his years with the Boston Red Sox. He helped the team end the curse of the bambino in 2004.

Other modern examples of ace pitchers include Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Justin Verlander of the Houston Astros. These pitchers have also had tremendous success, winning multiple Cy Young Awards (given to the best pitcher in each league).


Ace pitchers play a vital role in any baseball team’s success. They are expected to be reliable leaders on and off the field while consistently throwing quality pitches throughout each game. With an ace pitcher leading your starting rotation, you can rest assured knowing that you have one of the best pitchers at your disposal every fifth day.