What Is A Lacrosse Ball Made Of?

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The Anatomy of a Lacrosse Ball

The lacrosse ball is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the sport. It’s what makes the game possible! But have you ever wondered what a lacrosse ball is made of?

Let’s take a closer look at the anatomy of a lacrosse ball to find out. 

The Shell 

A lacrosse ball has an outer shell made of rubber or plastic, depending on its intended use. This outer shell is designed to be durable and withstand impact without breaking apart. It also provides some bounce level so players can keep their shots accurate and powerful. Plastic balls are used for recreational play, while rubber balls are used in competitive play. 

The Inner Core 

The inner core of a lacrosse ball is made up of cork and rubber pellets. The cork provides stability and balance to the ball, while the rubber pellets help absorb shock and make it easier to control when throwing or catching it.

Combining these materials also helps add weight to the ball without making it too heavy for players to handle. This weight helps give players more power when shooting and passing but still allows them to maintain accuracy.

The Covering 

The covering on a lacrosse ball is usually made from leather or synthetic material. Leather covers provide extra grip and control when handling the ball, while synthetic covers are generally more durable than leather but don’t offer as much grip.

Either way, this covering helps protect the inner core from damage so it can perform optimally during gameplay.  

Are Lacrosse Balls Hard?

Yes, Lacrosse balls are hard, but they’re also designed to be very durable. They have to withstand being hit with a lacrosse stick, which can generate a lot of force. The ball’s hardness also makes it easier to control when throwing or catching it.


A lacrosse ball may seem like a simple piece of equipment, but quite a bit is going on under that outer shell. Inside each ball is an inner core of cork and rubber pellets that adds weight while allowing players to maintain accuracy when shooting or passing.

And then there’s the covering which helps provide extra grip or durability depending on its material makeup. The next time you’re watching a game or playing yourself, take note of just how important this small piece of equipment truly is.