Understanding Fantasy Football Scoring Systems



The rules and scoring systems may seem daunting if you’re new to fantasy football. But fear not! It’sIt’s really quite simple once you get the hang of it. Let’s cover the basics of fantasy football scoring systems so that you can start playing with confidence and win your league. 

Points Per Reception (PPR)

The most common fantasy football scoring system is known as “point per reception” or PPR. This system awards points based on receptions made by wide receivers and running backs. For example, if a wide receiver catches three passes for 25 yards in a game, they would be awarded 3 points (1 point per reception) plus an additional 2 points for their yardage total (25 yards). 

You can learn more in-depth about the PPR scoring system by checking out my article here.

Half-Point Per Reception

Another popular scoring system is the “half-point per reception” or HPR system. This system awards half a point per reception instead of one full point. So using the above example, that same wide receiver would be awarded 1.5 points instead of 3 points for catching those three passes for 25 yards. 

Standard Scoring

The standard scoring format is another popular system that doesn’t factor in receptions; instead, players are awarded points based solely on their yardage totals and touchdowns scored. In this case, that same wide receiver would have only been awarded five total points (3 points for their 25-yard gain + 2 bonus points for their touchdown).

As you can see from these examples, understanding the different scoring systems will help you make more informed decisions when drafting your team and managing your roster during the season. 


There is a variation of the standard scoring format known as “bonus-based” or “ultra-premium” scoring, which adds additional bonuses to players who achieve certain milestones during games, like passing 300+ yards or having multiple touchdowns in one game. These bonuses are usually worth anywhere from 6 to 10 extra points depending on how well they do statistically in each game.  


With so many different fantasy football scoring systems out there, it’s important to understand them all before joining a league or drafting a team so that you can make sure you’re playing under the right ruleset for your skill level and preferences as a player.