What to Know About Baseball Cards Before You Invest

Investing In Baseball Cards

Baseball cards are a quintessential part of the hobby for many fans. Whether you’re a casual fan who enjoys flipping through packs of cards you might have inherited from your grandparents or a hardcore collector looking to invest in rare cards and build the largest set possible, the love for this hobby has no bounds.

If you’ve invested in cards before, you know the value of having a complete and well-rounded collection. However, if you’re a new investor, you might not know much about the hobby, especially with new trends popping up almost every other day. If you’re looking to get into the game, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five things you need to know before you invest.

What Are Baseball Cards?

Baseball cards are small collectible items that trace their origins to the early 1900s. Although they were originally printed on paper, modern baseball cards are now produced almost exclusively on plastic. Many of them are sold in packs of five or six, with the card itself measuring approximately 1.5 by 2.5 inches.

Topps, Upper Deck, Panini, and Bowman are the most popular card brands. Collectors who collect baseball card packs usually purchase them as a “card-to-card” set, where they buy a new box of packs to open each card in the set to complete their collection.

How Do You Value Baseball Cards?

First, you’ll want to make sure you have a complete and well-rounded collection. A balanced set of cards will help increase your set’s value in the long run. Then, you’ll want to separate your set into specific card types.

Your set of cards could be 90 percent autographs and memorabilia, or 75 percent rookie cards and 25 percent other card types. You can use this knowledge to help increase the value of your set.

Why Buy Baseball Cards?

This is a no-brainer. You love baseball cards. Right? Collecting baseball cards can be addicting. It’s a hobby that encourages the discovery of new and old cards, trading cards with your friends, and hoarding all your cards in one spot to create a unique and personal collection. For some, collecting is a way to escape from a stressful life or an empty bank account.

Collectors usually buy cards as a standalone hobby, with no real intention of selling them for profit. Keep reading if you want to make money by investing in baseball cards. If you’re just looking for something to do on the weekends and during your free time, you might want to try something else.

Is Investing In Baseball Cards A Good Idea?

It’s up to you to decide. If you’re planning on buying and selling cards on the open market, it’s a good idea. Collectors can often find cards they want and then sell them online to other collectors. This can be done through websites like eBay, or you can turn to local card shops. You can also sell your cards on sites like Etsy or Craigslist.

Investing in cards is a bit different than investing in stocks or other investments. It’s not really an investment; it’s an activity. You buy cards and then eventually trade them or sell them to other collectors.

Is Collecting Baseball Cards Right For Me?

If you’ve made it this far through this guide, you’re probably ready to go out and buy your first box of packs. Before you do, you might want to ask yourself a few more questions. Are you a casual collector?

If so, you might want to try buying cards from your favorite players to create a custom card set. Are you a hardcore collector? If so, you might want to look into buying vintage or authentic cards.

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