The Red Sox Stay Quiet on Deadline Day



The Boston Red Sox have been one of the hottest teams in baseball, with an eye on a potential wild card spot in the American League. What’s important for an analytic-minded general manager such as Chaim Bloom, is that the team stays on schedule and that his players meet expectations. Essentially every player on the roster has met or exceeded those expectations this season. 

What’s come of it isn’t necessarily a bad problem. Bloom is tasked with the difficulty of deciding whether to buy or sell in a year when the Red Sox weren’t supposed to be this good. There was undoubtedly a favorable decision amongst players in the locker room. The players want to win this year. 

 “Hopefully we can get that in the next few days. We can’t control that as players. All we can do is give 100 percent on the field. But we need pitching,” said Devers prior to the deadline. 


Welp—they didn’t get that. But it seems the Red Sox might still be in a great position. It’s time to shift focus to injured players working their way back. Chris Sale is beginning his rehab assignment in Worcester while Tanner Houck seems to be progressing well in his rehab. Perhaps the most intriguing is Garrett Whitlock whose rehab following elbow surgery is in progress as well. 

Bloom tends to zig while every fan wants him to zag. Sometimes the best move to make is to not make one. Bloom has exercised an absurd amount of patience in a city anxious for the next championship. Boston fans will forever shift their expectations as the year goes on, and a championship has never been a realistic outcome for this group. If they find themselves in one of the three wild card spots this season, they’ll be way ahead of schedule as is. 

Bloom has historically placed an emphasis on keeping the farm system healthy and preaching patience. Players like Triston Casas and Jarren Duran are prime examples of why holding onto prospects can pay off. The Red Sox will be just fine.